Reservation & Cancellation Policies

Payment Policy

Full payment at the time of reservation due at time of booking.. A $25 non-refundable insurance policy fee is charged for all bookings. This fee protects guests and owners against physical property damage and excessive wear and tear on the condo units. 

Cancellation Policy

  • 31 Days or More Prior to Check-In Date: $50 cancellation fee per condo, with remainder of deposit refunded. Groups & Peak Season Dates: Apply 61 days or more prior to check-in date.
  • 30-15 Days Prior to Check-In Date: 50% of lodging cost total per condo not refunded.
  • Groups & Peak Season Dates: Apply 60-31 days prior to check-in date.
  • 14 Days or Fewer Prior to Check–in Date: No refund. Groups & Peak Season Dates: Apply 30 days or fewer prior to check-in date. 

General Policies

  • Check-In: 4 P.M. MT. Early Check-In, if available, from 1 P.M. – Add $30.
    If checking in after office hours, please call the phone number listed on the office door. 
  • Check-Out: 10 A.M. MT. Late Check-Out, if available, by 1 P.M.  Add $30.
  • Two (2) night minimum. Three (3) night minimum for Winter Holiday unless condos are still available December 1. Then, two (2) night minimum.
  • Rates based on four (4) occupants for Studios and six (6) occupants for One Bedroom and G condos. Additional occupants will be charged $10 each per night.
  • Tax not included in nightly rates. We charge only the required state and county tax.
  • Peak Season: Peak season rates are higher than the standard rates. Peak Season dates are:
    • Winter Holiday: December 23 – January 7 (3 night minimum.)
    • Peak Season: February 3 – March 25
  • All properties are non-smoking. A $250 fine will be assessed if in violation. A designated smoking area is located on the East end of the “F” level.
  • Pets are not allowed. A fine of $250/pet/day will be assessed if in violation.

Parking Policy

1. Owners and owners’ non-paying guests parking:

a. Owners shall register their cars with the Brettelberg Staff when obtaining a new
owner parking decal.
b. Parking decals shall be placed in the lower corner of the passenger side window.
c. Owners staying in an A, B, or C level unit shall park in the upper parking lot.
Owners staying on other levels shall park in the lower parking lot.
d. On the rare occasion that an owner’s designated lot is full, they are permitted to
park in the other lot on that instance only and inform Brettelberg staff of said
e. Owners visiting with an unregistered car (often rental cars) and owners’
non-paying guests shall register their vehicles with the Brettelberg Office before
or upon arrival at the Brettelberg. They shall be provided with a renters hanging
tag displaying the start and end dates of their stay.
f. Vehicles that remain unmoved for over two weeks may be deemed as “stored.”
See Owners Rules and Regulations regarding storage of personal items in
common areas. Under extenuating circumstances, vehicle owners should discuss
vehicles that will not be moved for an extended period of time with the Brettelberg
staff and HOA Board”
2. Renter parking:

a. Renters shall provide the Brettelberg Staff with the make, model, and license
plate number of vehicles that will be parked at the Brettelberg during their stay.
b. Upon check in, renters shall be given a uniform hanging tag displaying the start
and end dates of their stay.
c. Staff should suggest the upper or lower parking area as appropriate for their unit.
3. Visitor parking:

a. People visiting owners and renters at the Brettelberg shall display a Brettelberg
visitor tag. This includes day visitors as well as overnight visitors. The Brettelberg
owner or renter is responsible for procuring and providing the visitor tag to their
visitor. The term “visitor” includes friends, family, and business/construction
b. The visitor tag shall include the end date of the visit.
c. To cut down on office visits and waste for Brettelberg residents, each resident
owner shall be given one (permanent) visitors tag that their visiting guests may
display to park legally without needing to check-in at the office.
4. Check-in parking:

a. The upper level parking spots facing the slope on the slope-side shall be
reserved for guest check-ins and when unoccupied shall serve as a turn around
area for cars adjacent to the building in the upper parking lot.
6. Parking alignment:

a. Upper parking lot adjacent to building – park at an angle with yellow poles serving
as dividing lines between parking spaces. No oversized vehicles.
b. Upper parking lot away from building – perpendicular parking.
c. Lower parking lot – park at an angle outside G-Level units, perpendicular parking
the rest of the lower lot.
d. Keep the landing directly below the valley-side stairs free for ease of access to
the parking lot and dumpsters.